Listen and Speak

(A word to the prophets)

Strengthen, encourage, and comfort -
These truths we are called to declare.
Strengthen, encourage, and comfort,
The words that he speaks in our ear -
Through Scripture, in quietness, in prayer.
Dispelling our doubts and our fear.

Nurture the gift that God gave you
Be rooted and grounded in love
Make God central to all you do
Read and study his words of truth.
When God calls, be ready to go -
But wait till he tells you to move.

Listen first, listen more, then speak.
Speak out when the message is clear,
Listen deep, listen sure, then speak.
Be sure that it's love-words you share.
Encourage the strong and the weak.
And back up the message with prayer.

If ever the message is bleak
Hold back for a while - feel the pain
Then speak with a voice that is meek
Make comfort and healing your aim.
Listen hard, listen long, then speak -
Then go back and listen again.

© Derrick Phillips - 2019