A method for prayer - or not!

How to use - or misuse - a well-known aid to prayer

This poem was written for the book:
Still Digging: Scratching the surface and plumbing the depths of prayer

A - C - T - S
Got it!
Acronym learnt -
Now I know how to pray.
Let's see:

A - Adoration
Well, you need to charm a mighty king.

C - Confession
Well, you should do some grovelling.

T - Thanksgiving
Well, you may gain points by thanking Him

S - Supplication
Hah! Now it's time to ask for things.

Tried that!
But why doesn't it feel right?

Prayer is not about
Talking to God
As I imagine Him to be,
Addressing God
As I would like Her to be.

Prayer is about
Experiencing God
As God is.

© Derrick Phillips - 2017