A-Z INDEX of Poems
A- B- C- D- E- F- G- H- I- J- K- L- M- N- O- P- Q- R- S- T- U- V- W- X- Y- Z

A-Abraham haggled - aspects of prayer (pdf file)
A method for prayer - or not - How to use - or misuse - a well-known aid to prayer
As I am - The only way I can be (a prayer)
As I lay in the mud - a meditation on Psalm 40:1-3 (pdf file)
A special place - A place where I can be myself and be with God

B-Banking on prayer - I wrote this refelection following a family emergency that almost became a tragedy
Behind the mirror - is God violent?
Beating upon the Cloud of Unknowing - struggling with learning in the school of prayer (pdf file)
Being Ananias - remembering a man who was content to make others famous
Best intentions - a brief, whimsical observation on the nature of Truth
Burning bush - based on Moses' story in chapter 3 of the book of Exodus
Bye bye QT - Prayer is a journey - in my case a long one with many twist and turns.
I wrote this poem when it all seemed to be going wrong.


C- Challenges to make us strong - Whether circumstances are hard, or easy, it's our attitude that matters
Choosing Again - facing the challenge of John 6:66-68
- thoughts about a special kind of prayer (pdf file)
Creativity - Creativity is all one with Prayer

D- Delusional faith - Call it a delusion, but belief is my strength
Don't speak to me again - the prophet's dilemma as experienced by Elijah, Jeremiah & Jonah (pdf file)
Don't stop praying - Make your whole life a prayer
Dreams - there's no time when God can't see me

E-End Times - To many people Judgement seems a worrying doctrine, but what about those who are waiting for justice? (pdf file)

F-Faith is - a reflection on Hebrews chapter 11

G- God's Church - The vital truth of the Church is not about who belongs to it, but who it belongs to.
Growing up - challenging reflections about my image of God

H-Haikus - lots of short reflexions in this compressed poetic format (pdf file)

I-Identity Crisis - a heart cry from a man who seeking wholeness (pdf file)
I didn't see that coming - Often we find that the peak we are aiming for isn't really the summit
I read and I wait - A brief reflection on the meditation practise called "Lectio Divina"

J- Joseph and Nicodemus - Imagine the thoughts of these two men as they watched events unfold during that fateful week. (pdf file)

K- Kerith and Carmel - Consider how these contrasting experiences worked together in Elijah's journey of faith.(pdf file)

L- Let it all out - A comment on the text, "Cast your cares on the Lord..."
Listen and Speak (A word to the prophets) - Advice for those with a prophetic gift (Poem)

M-Martha's legacy - in praise of this often maligned New Testament character
Maths and prayer - if you find prayer difficult - so what?
Metamorphosis - A meditation on the Christian hope of resurrection
Murmuration - One of the greatest visual displays of the winter sky is created by one of our most common birds (pdf file)


N-No Beginning - thoughts on Creation and the Big Bang (pdf file)
No Objective - Writing this complaint helped get bad feelings out of my system
Nothing is hidden - The fact that God sees all can be a comfort, rather than a threat

O-Overcome - musings from one of the Three Wise Men

P-Prayer changes things - each verse is a Haiku; together they describe a journey (pdf file)
Prayer is not just for specialists - In this mission everyone can take part
Praying to make a difference - reaching for effective prayer (pdf file)




S- Sacred Spaces - Places that feel special
Satisfied - more of a prayer than a poem, this reflection on Simeon in the temple arose from a pre-Christmas home-group Bible Study
Sheep make footpaths - a walker's wry comment on misleading tracks
Six hundred bottles - a poem about the "water into wine" miracle (John chapter 3)
Smells in Joppa - The story of Acts 10:1-48 retold as if in a conversation between a local resident and a visitor
Supplication - Hints on what we can pray for

T-The divine sculptor- Who is the Sculptor? And what (or who) is the stone?
The parable of the tree - a way of living (pdf file)
The Path - A journey that started with a prayer
To be a church - a reflection on the ideal of the Church (pdf file)



W- Walking with God - A way of prayer
War in heaven - Based on chapter 10 of the book of Daniel
Why call now? - a poetic commentary on Isaiah 6:1-8 (pdf file)
Who believes in me? - A moan - answered by Hosea 10:12
Why does prayer live now? - A reflection on growth in personal prayer life


Y- Yellow Card - Don't worry when your prayer time is interrupted
Your Kingdom come - Challenging thoughts about this familar part of the "Lord's Prayer"