A-Z INDEX of Writings
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A- A mother's view of God's love (review of "Revelations of Divine Love" by Julian of Norwich)
A Pommie Relents (My "True Brit" prejudices melted away as I sampled the Australian scene in week's touring tagged on to a business trip)
Abraham Lincoln - innocent hero (review of the biography by David Herbert Donald)
Adventure in the smog (During the Great Smog, an event which London remembers as a tragedy, a child walks the streets enjoying it as an adventure. This story is based on the author's true recollections.)
A method for prayer - or not - How to use, or misuse, a well-known aid to prayer (a poem)
As I am - The only way I can be (a prayer)
As I lay in the mud (a meditation on Psalm 40:1-3) (poem)
A special place - a place where I can be myself and be with God (a poem)

B-Banking on prayer - I wrote this poem following a family emergency that almost became a tragedy.
Bat walk (An enjoyable social experience combined with techology to engage with a hidden world of sound)
Bethany - Ordinary Superstars - the complete script and scores for the musical, "Bethany"
Body in the desert - Caught short on a long drive, a motorist discovers a body. That's his first worry.
BOOKS by Derrick Phillips - five published books by the author of this website
Born of a woman - Oh wow! - a review of the book "Born of a Woman" by Bishop John Shelby Spong
Burning bush - a poem based on Moses' story in chapter 3 of the book of Exodus.
Bye bye QT - Prayer is a journey... in my case a long journey with testing twist and turns along the way. I wrote this poem when it all seemed to be going wrong.


C-Calling God by a new name (Childhood experiences and negative associations sometimes spoil the very best in life. LM solved the problem by changing the associations.)
Captain of controversy (review of an autobiography of Oliver Cromwell)
Chiefs and Indians (an insightful story about leadership, written by Alan Halden)
Choosing Again Following Jesus is not just a one-time choice (a poem inspired by John 6:66-68)
Christian mysticism (A correspondent asked me to comment on the"Christian Mysticism" entry in Microsoft's Encarta encyclopaedia and this was my reply)
Churching in a green age (Churches waste effort trying to do what the Holy Spirit can do without our help. He planted the seed of spiritual life in us and he can maintain it. This plea for 'green' Christianity was first published in "Insights" magazine.)
Clear Ahead (Don't be misled into simplistic formulae for the spiritual life. Grace is free, but that doesn't mean we sign up for an easy life when we commit to faith.)
Code talkers (The Navaho contribution to the fight for freedom in the Second World War remained secret for almost 25 years, but a fast food restaurant near Monument Valley lets the secret out.)
Crop circles on my lawn (An unusual view of a familiar creature)
Cyber abduction (Abducted by aliens without ever leaving his own room, Tim discovers something special about being human and liking Chinese food!)

D-Danger of Truth (The) (This article was originally a reply I sent to a Pakistani army officer who held Islamic fundamentalist sympathies and wrote expressing a concern for truth, especially as stated in the Quran)
Dark encounter (A summer evening walk on the South Downs turns into a wildlife encounter in the dark)
Death - a reason to fear? (Death may seem a dangerous subject to write about! The stimulus for this piece arose from correspondence circulating between members of ACWG.)
Divine sculptor (The) (The expert sculptor knows his material intimately and forms it out of that knowledge. But who, in this poem, is the Sculptor? And who is the stone?) (Poem)
Don't speak to me again (the prophet's dilemma as experienced by Elijah, Jeremiah & Jonah) (Poem)
Dreams with meaning (dreams feature strongly in the Bible and they can still speak today) (PDF file)

E-Evangelical Blood (written in response to a lady who asked, "Isn't it out-of-date and 'yucky' for Christians to use expressions like 'washed in the blood'?")
End Times (To many people Judgement seems like a worrying doctrine and a fearful prospect, but what about those who are waiting for justice?) (POEM) (PDF)
Encounter of the fourth kind (A wildlife enthusiast goes looking for water voles but finds himself involved in a close encounter that beats all his preconceptions)

F-Fanciful reflections on God and a butterfly(God is like a butterfly? Not much of a creed, perhaps... This reflective article borrows ideas from chaos theory to speculate on what God is like.)
Fox on the Fosse (A moment of rural delight during a walk near the source of the River Thames.)
Fundamental relief (An introduction to my book, "SOS - Stumbling Over Scripture")

G-Glimpses of truth (Truth is not a fact, but an experience, a personal expression, a life.) (a book, written by Maurice Smith) (PDF file)
God in a box (Religious people keep trying to confine God to special places and to keep his people back at a 'safe' distance, protected by complicated rules, professional leaders and arcane traditions... but he always breaks out!) (article written by Alan Halden)
Grace to melt your heart (review of a book by Maurice Smith)
Guilt Complex (The) (a series of lively exchanges between members of "Adullum's Cave Writers' Group" on the subject of Guilt) (PDF file)

H-Haikus (a selection of poems in Haiku format) PDF FILE
Head hunt (A businessman's hoomeward journey is interrupted by a phone call that leads him into a frightening kidnap) (pdf file)
Highest Mountain (The) (Unity is everyone's ideal for the Church, but it seems constantly to be out of reach. This 1984 book (revised 2000) explores the reasons why it has been unattainable and restates the ideal and why it still matters.) PDF file

I-Identity Crisis (a heart cry from a man who was trying to find himself) (POEM) (PDF)
Intelligent life (On the first ever discovery of intelligent beings on another planet the two-man landing party find their preconceptions shattered.) (pdf file)
It all depends how you see it (Four people go stargazing and get caught up, literally, in a remarkable encounter. But how would they describe their experience?)



L-Last watch (This story is fictional, but its inspiration will be obvious to anyone who has heard the tragic story of August 1952 or who has visited the pretty Devon seaside town of Lynmouth.)
Life after meetings (Meetings are the cornerstone of the organised church, but they do not define the Christian life. Maurice Smith urges believers to reconsider their dependence on meetings and to ensure that their 'light' is internal.)
Life Lines - tales of hope from Capernaum (four delightful stories that build biographies for familiar New Testament characters)
Live a miracle (Christians can bemoan the divided state of the church - or they can do something about it. Practical suggestions for ordinary believers to promote unity.)
Look before you lead (A look at varying models of leadership - a function which can benefit to the church but can also be dangerous.)


M-Maths and prayer (Poem: If you find prayer difficult - so what?)
Metamorphosis (A meditation on the Christian hope of resurrection) (Poem)
Meteor Strike (Paul and Ruth were well prepared for the normal risks of a country walk, but not for the unprecedented emergency they witnessed from their downland vantage point.)
Moor lonely (Mike's mood reflected the dismal weather as he lay in a hole, injured and waiting for rescue.)
Mother Tongue
(Review of the book by Bill Bryson)
Mystic risks (Christianity, which is based on miraculous and prophetic origins, has often acted warily towards prophets and mystics. Charismatics, prophets and mystics can be loose cannons, it's true, but the risks are worth taking)
Mystics for pleasure (A Protestant Evangelical opens his eyes to the wisdom of earlier times and different traditions - and discovers the Mystics.)
Murmuration (One of the greatest visual displays of the winter sky is created by one of our most common birds) (Poem)

N-Nebulous Church (The) (a widely circulated article about being church)
Night hike (a true story about a hike that turned into a farce)
No Beginning (a poem exploring thoughts about Creation and the Big Bang) PDF FILE
No Objective (Writing this sorrowful poem helped me get some bad feelings out of my system and prepared me to receive comfort for words I read the next day in Psalm 31:1-5.)
No strings (In a re-enactment of the eternal battle between hoarders and tidiers a hoarder has the last word)


P-Pain - a compassionate science (A review of the book by the late Professor Wall)
Pie lessons -As a senior manager and former business owner I gained new insights when I was forced, for a time, to go 'back to the floor'.
Pilgrims Rock!- The true story of the first Christian rock group - An illustrated history of the time when the music changed.
Plucky little man (A quiet, little man foils a daylight attack on his grocery store.)
Pooh is for adults (The Winnie the Pooh stories have always been classed as a childrens' reading but, to appreciate them properly, you need an adult mind.)
Prayer changes things (each verse is a Haiku; together they describe a journey)


R-Reasonable faith (A review of the book "Reason, Science & Faith" by Roger Forster)

S- Scotland's secret counties (An area of awesome beauty, the northern region of Scotland is seldom advertised - are the Scots keeping it secret?)
Small Gods - a review of Terry Pratchett's masterpiece story about religion gone wrong
Snake on the path (On my first day in Australia I hoped to see wildlife - but this meeting was not what I was looking for!)
South West USA in ten days (Memories of a hurried tour around some stunning sites in Arizona, Nevada, and part of California) (pdf)
Splendid Rebellion (a Poem by Phil Streeter) (PDF)
Suffering with joy (review of the Journal of George Fox)
SOS (Stumbling Over Scripture): a journey from fundamentalism to faith
- A book by Derrick Phillips (click title to view on Amazon)
Still Digging - Scratching the surface and plumbing the depths of prayer - A book by Derrick Phillips

T The other side of Shadowlands (a review of the C S Lewis biography by Brian Sibley)
The greatest whodunnit ever told (A review of the book, "Who Moved the Stone?">
The river flows backwards (a visit to see the Severn Bore)
Top gun (Unwilling to share the limelight with his publishing rival, a crime-writer decides to use his knowledge to end the rivalry - but it doesn't go to plan.)

U-Unknowing and forgetting (A review of the spiritual classic "The Cloud of Unknowing)

V-Victor's flight of fancy (Science teacher, Victor Brown, has his scepticism dented by a bizarre experience)
Vigo visions (Almost 25 years after sharing the experience of creating a new church in Vigo Village, Derrick wrote this retrospective article for the "Culverstone Village News")
(The) Volume of Silence (An introduction to my book, "Still Digging - scratching the surface and plumbing the depths of prayer")

W-What comfort Job? (comments on the book of Job) (PDF)
What do you do when you just don't have the energy to seek God? (A letter to a Christian lady who asked what to do when spiritual life seems weak and nothing seems to be worth the effort.)
What is the local church? (Church is a simple concept if only we strip away the complexities that tradition has heaped on it. An article by Maurice Smith)
What would a united church look like? (History shows no example of a united church so how do we know what unity might look like? This article suggests ways we can create unity.)
Who believes in me? (This poem is a moan - answered by Hosea 10:12)
Why does prayer live now? (A poem and an optimistic reflection on growth in personal prayer life)
Why is Leviticus so bloody? (The bloodiness of the book of Leviticus seems disconnected with Christian principles - but there's another way of looking at this book.) (PDF file)