The original Pilgrims last performed together in Bradford, Yorkshire at the end of August 1967; but they have never lost touch with each other, despite many travels and a variety of different commitments, they remain friends. But it was a long time since they had all been together in one place until...
reunion February 203
This picture was taken in February 2003 at a reunion to mark a 60th birthday.

...the group met together in February 2003 and enjoyed reminiscing over their time as a band, and their experiences in the intervening years. All of them married and had children and grandchildren.
Tony spent many years as a missionary in Guinea Bissau (West Africa)and later pastored a "New Frontiers" church in Christchurch, near Bournemouth. After retiring he served for several years as an elder at a church in Salisbury.
Don took a course at the same Bible College that Tony and Sue attended, then spent several years in teaching before moving into the field of Christian film and video work. He plays bass guitar in his local church band.
Ian pastored several churches before returning to freelance sales and print buying. He died in April 2007 following a course of treatment for a brain tumour.
Derrick combined a marketing career with a broad involvement in church development. He runs several websites and occasionally plays guitar in his local church In 2006 he wrote and produced the musical BETHANY, which was filmed by Don and released on DVD. This can now also be viewed online He has written and published several books and maintains his own YouTube channel.

The passing of the years has not diminished their enthusiasm or ideals, and the story continues to develop. In September 2018 new webzine called "Classic Christian Rock" featured The Pilgrims as the lead article in its first edition.
And Pennsylvania radio station WJTL broadcast an interview with Derrick Phillips, including several original tracks from the group's CD.

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