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The Music

The Pilgrims were ground-breakers within the field of Christian music, being the first real Christian rock group. Their priority was evangelism and their lyrics are often hard-hitting. Their musical style followed the secular trendsetters of their day and went through 3 stages, with appropriate changes in line-up...

The Pilgrims live again!

"Telling Youth the Truth" The Pilgrims CD

40 years after their heyday this 2003 CD was remastered in California from original 1960's recordings. They never played in the USA, but Americans lapped up this 21 track treat ("they really rocked" - Ugly Things magazine #22).

Click the track names to hear clips from the CD. These sample clips are in mono. The CD is remastered in stereo.
At Lee Green,  London (1962)
The early period - Chris King (vocals), Don Sanders (lead guitar), Derrick Phillips (rhythm guitar & backing vocals), John Hubbard (bass guitar & backing vocals), Ian Wilkie (Drums)
Studio picture (1964)

The middle period - John Hubbard (vocals & lead guitar), Derrick Phillips (vocals & rhythm guitar), Don Sanders (bass guitar), Ian Wilkie (drums and some vocals)

We have not yet located quality recordings from the middle period. It was a busy time and we just didn't get into a studio. We have located some tapes from live shows, but they are too noisy and offer little scope for cleaning up - we'll keep searching!

on the bandwagon (Cambridgeshire 1966)
The late period - Tony Goodman (vocals, electric guitar & harmonica), Ian Wilkie (Drums), Don Sanders (bass guitar), Derrick Phillips (acoustic guitar)