Published in 2018, Pilgrims Rock! is the official story of The Pilgrims

Amplified music, electric guitars, drums, and songs with a beat are commonplace in 21st century churches, Christian conventions, and evangelistic events - though some people still deplore their presence. Before the 1960s such things were unthinkable. Times have changed. But how did it all start? The beginnings can be found in a suburban living room, where a young Bible student's short sermon produced 100% success. Everyone in the room was converted - all four of them. That night forms part of the history of the first Christian rock band - and the rest of the story is just as remarkable.
This book is illustrated in full colour, featuring original news reports, photos, posters, and programmes
- an authentic history of the time when the music changed.
Pilgrims Rock! - subtitled "The true story of the first Christian rock group"
is available worldwide from Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook format.