Bethany the musical

A musical feast of celebration

Bethany, a tiny village outside Jerusalem, was home to an unexceptional family who made an exceptional contribution to the Gospel story. The "Bethany" musical was written for a church that was then small, but on a path of growth. Designed for low-budget production, this musical brings the audience into the show and ends with a shared meal. The Bethany family - just 3 ordinary people - changed history through love, prayer, obedience and devotion. If they could do it, so can we.

The Musical

The musical, is set in the home where Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived. The audience is invited to join their party remembering the amazing times they experienced together. They share their story through narrative, sketches, and song, and the evening ends when cast and audience join together for a celebration meal. It's a fun evening, but with some deeply reflective moments. Most of all, it is a time of fellowship and celebration. "Bethany" includes 12 original songs. The premiere presentation was filmed (originally just for DVD) but which you can now view on You Tube.

The Story

The Gospels mention Bethany more times than Bethlehem but many people hardly know about it. That's because the people who lived there were not superstars, but ordinary folk with simple faith. Jesus often visited Bethany, staying in a home that was one of the few places where he could really relax. Martha, Mary and Lazarus were not apostles, they hardly travelled, as far as we know they never preached a sermon or did any miracles. But their faithfulness, hospitality and prayers changed the course of the greatest story ever told. The story and background is given in full in the book Little Church of Bethany. Read about it on Derrick's books page

The Songs

The Musical contains 12 original songs, which were recorded at the premiere performances.
View the lyrics and hear the live recordings (MP3)

The Context

The Bethany musical was developed by a team, working cooperatively within St Michael's Church, Stoke Gifford, about 6 miles north of Bristol (UK).

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