This is the personal website of Derrick Phillips. Derrick became a Christian in the 1950s and initially planned to enter the Christian ministry - a plan that changed after he received an experience with the Holy Spirit and a call to evangelism as a member of The Pilgrims - probably the first Christian rock band. The band toured extensively throughout the 1960s, carrying the gospel into dingy night clubs, large concert halls, churches, town halls and all manner of youth venues. After leaving the band, Derrick began a career in corporate management and eventually formed his own business. He is now retired. He has served in church leadership, written, and published several books and articles on the faith and served in musical ministry as a guitarist and singer, and it is out of that experience that he wrote and produced the musical Bethany. He now lives near Bristol, where he is a member of St Michael's Church, Stoke Gifford. Now, in retirement, he spends much of his time writing - see My Books and, for shorter articles and poems, A-Z Index.